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Join us for the Book launch„Unearthing Traces

Book launch

„Unearthing Traces.

Dismantling the imperialist entanglements of archives,

landscapes and the built environment“



ETH Zürich – HIL Foyer

Round table discussion with:

Mariam Issoufou Kamara

Hollyamber Kennedy

Nolan Oswald Dennis

Moderated by the editors of Unearthing Traces:

Denise Bertschi

Julien Lafontaine Carboni

Nitin Bathla

followed by an Apéro

Archival power, silences, and absences profoundly shape and structure postcolonial landscapes, spaces, and urban environments by controlling bodies, histories, and interactions. This book explores pathways to dismantle these imperial entanglements by developing methodologies and plural epistemologies through an interdisciplinary dialog between history, memory politics, critical theory, and archival practice together with the fields of the built environment, landscape, urban studies, architecture, and the arts. Unearthing traces catalyzes critical discussions that not only challenge the objectivity and dismantle the neutrality surrounding current archival practices and archival institutions, but also question what constitutes the archive itself. The book unearths potential histories and minor narratives buried by the imperial production of pasts and silences. The diverse range of contributions in the book offers original research, discussions, positions, and tools and provides a critical resource for scholars, architects, artists, activists, and archivists who want to engage with landscapes and built environments in a critical and postcolonial perspective in relation to archival materials and practices.

🪩Published by EPFL Press & CAN Centre d’Art de Neuchâtel

🪩Designed by Melina Wilson & Martin Stoecklin Zürich


Denise Bertschi, Nolan Oswald Dennis, Abdessamad El Montassir and Julien Lafontaine Carboni, Rohit Jain, Hollyamber Kennedy, Léopold Lambert, Françoise Vergès

Anna Karla de Almeida Santos, Lena Stina Andersson, Mari Bastashevski, Jasmine Benhaida, Mathilde Chénin, VOLUMES and Decolonize Zurich, Fares Damien, Atiya Hussain and Stéphanie Savio, George Jepson and Lukas Pauer, Sila Karatas, Nagy Makhlouf, Estefanía Mompean Botias, Rebecca J. Squires, Safiya El Ghmari and Tafrata Bouchra, Lea Marie Nienhoff, Alina Volynskaya, Marlene Wagner

(Incuding a photographic journey of a walk through architectural colonial traces in Neuchâtel, conceived for our Unearthing Traces doctoral course in 2021, by Isabel Barros and Laura Floréz)

🪩With the generous support of Swissuniversities, CAN Centre d’Art Neuchâtel, École doctorale en Architecture et Sciences de la Ville (EDAR/EPFL), Institut d’Architecture (IA/ENAC/EPFL), ALICE (Atelier de la Conception de l’Espace/IA/ENAC/EPFL),EPFL Publishing Support, Université de Lausanne.


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