2013, Colonia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With Natalia Michadilou & Stephanie Keszi
The secretary of housing invited the ETH, Zurich to suggest interventions in a popular housing program by the name of ‘My Home My Life’. After a close study of the program and the empirics of its operation, the proposal was made to selectively intervene in the open spaces of the program and leave the ‘Embryo house’ (The basic house with a living, sleeping and cooking area along with basic amenities) that the program entails to grow organically over time. The open programmed spaces proposed with the program were integrated with the context with systematic connections and program selection. The open spaces and the housing solutions proposed can be developed through engagement with local actors operating in the area at various levels. The resultant work along with others proposed by the students at the ETH was exhibited at StudioX in Rio de Janeiro and would eventually lead into a publication entitled ‘My Home My City’ towards the end of the year. This work would be presented to the Ministry of Housing to be incorporated in the commercial operation of the program.