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LUS Methods Seminar 
Autumn Semester 2023, Fridays 10-12

Researching Otherwise is a call to craft another space for the production of knowledge. It posits that fluid epistemologies that respond to ways of decolonial, pluriversal, and more-than-human knowing can offer tools and ways for reimagining and reconstructing local worlds and transcending developmental paradigms of researching and operating.

22.09. Researching Otherwise | Nitin Bathla
29.09. Walk through the Brachen of Zurich | Sabrina Stallone
06.10. Imagining Otherwise: Social Movements for Livable Futures in the Sonoran Border Region | Darcy Alexandra
13.10. Transdisciplinary Action Research | Stephanie Briers
20.10. Extended Urbanisation Conference
27.10. Retreat Lively Cities Colloquium at Uni Liechtenstein | Maan Barua
03.11. Publication Otherwise | Moritz Gleich & Jennifer, gta Verlag
10.11. Doctoral Colloquium
17.11. Comparative Research | Julie Ren
24.11. Border Forensics | Charles Heller
01.12. Sensing beyond the human | Nancy Couling
08.12. Doc Crits

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