2013, Cabuco de Baxio, Sao Paolo, Brazil, wih Gerhard Ungersboeck
The program developed out of a call of the RENOVA urban commission in Sao Paulo to submit proposals or Urban intervention in the favelas of Sao Paulo. The identified site in the favela of Cabuco de Baxio in Sao Paulo lay alongside a river, making these houses precarious to live in owing to easy flooding in the area. The proposed housing for the displaced residents provides them with a source of livelihood in addition to a flexible housing solution to integrate them better in the new context. A community centre is developed alongside for activities that the local residents could participate in addition. The housing surplus produced due to densification could be used to provide for the new incoming slum migrants. The topologies of housing proposed learning from the typologies and flexibility of favelas can offer multiple accommodation variables opening up to the masses. Urban agriculture was also proposed in the derelict area under the high tension lines lying close to the site which could plug into the commerce developed on the site.