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2014, Delhi, for LSE Cities

This city tour was designed to provide a transect of Delhi to the participants at the Urban Age conference and award in Delhi. The tour subjected the participants to the various ecologies of the city such as the river bank, and the ridge. The various settlement typologies such as public housing, self-built informal tenure housing, as well as speculative housing developments. It also subjected the participants which included famous academics like Richard Sennett to the social life of public spaces in Delhi. The visit to Nehru Place during the city tour and my explanation of how it works programatically inspired him to write the piece celebrating Nehru Place as a Porous City.


Image Credits - Catarina Heeckt.

Delhi_City Tour-208
Delhi_City Tour-57
Delhi_City Tour-41
Map Fornt
Delhi_City Tour-97
Delhi_City Tour-15
Delhi_City Tour-8
Delhi_City Tour-227
Delhi_City Tour-225
Delhi_City Tour-228
Delhi_City Tour-202
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