I contribute in a number of academic and non-academic journals and newspapers. Some of my papers, articles, and book chapters can be downloaded below with the suggested citation information.

Radical Housing and Socially-engaged Art, Reflections from a tenement town in Delhi’s extensive urbanisation

with Sumedha Garg in Radical Housing Journal, Issue 2.2, December 2020. Pages - 35-54

Drawing as Counter-Cartography- Reflections on a Socially engage Art Project

with Sumedha Garg in Oase 107: The Drawing In Landscape Design And Urbanism, December 2020. Pages - 49-62

PODCAST - Mobilization and Advocacy in Massive Urbanization Contexts - Part I

in Urban Political Podcast, The Podcast on Urban Theory, Research, and Activism, Berlin. December 5, 2020  

Decentring the Open City: Examining openness at the agrarian-urban frontiers in India

in TRIALOG 135, February 2020 Berlin. Pages - 15-19

Complexities and contradictions in Forensic Architecture

in TRANS 36. Spannung, February 2020, GTA Press, Zurich. Pages - 103-108

The metabolism of tenement towns on a planet of fast fashion

in OASE #104. The Urban Household of Metabolism, November 2019, nai010 Publishers, Rotterdam. Pages - 50-55

Housing the migrant worker

opinion column in The Indian Express, May 16, 2020

By sealing Delhi NCR borders, Covid has ended fluidity between where labourers live and work

with Mukta Naik, opinion column in The Print, May 25, 2019

The Delhi Mumbai Expressway is a shortcut to socio-ecological disaster

in The Wire, Environment. October 2019

AMO / Rem Koolhaas(ed.) 2020: Countryside: A Report. Cologne: Taschen

in IJURR Vol. 44 Number 5. September 2020, Wiley Pages - 945-946

Book review: Suburban Planet: Making the World Urban from the Outside In

in Urban Studies Journal #56. April 2019, SAGE Journals. Pages - 2179-2181

Sutradhar - The Emergent Social Designer?

in Co-Designing the City : Architecture + Informal Intelligence, November 2016, Alfred Herrhausen Society, Berlin. Pages - 102-105

Progress or 'Déjà Vu'?

in Minha Casa, Nossa Cidade, February 2014, Ruby Press, Berlin. Pages - 68-69

Access to housing versus access to the city

in Minha Casa, Nossa Cidade, February 2014, Ruby Press, Berlin. Pages - 72-74

Charged Voids: Ensuring quality open spaces

in Minha Casa, Nossa Cidade, February 2014, Ruby Press, Berlin. Pages - 200-219

Undoing the city of dichotomies - Rethinking social futures in the urban expansion zone of Rio de Janeiro

in Minha Casa, Nossa Cidade, February 2014, Ruby Press, Berlin. Pages - 221-225

Working Papers

Tenement towns: Engles's Manchester reemerges in Delhi

in Towards a global housing studies: beyond dichotomy, normativity, and common abstraction, Housing Studies, ed. Ryan Powell & AbdouMaliq Simone

Stitching a planetary map of fast fashion

in OASE #107, Drawing in Architecture and Landscape Urbanism, ed. Kornelia Dimitrova

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