2014, Rudrapur, India, with SPA Design
The project is set at the foothills of the Himalaya mountain chain in Northern India. The Greenfield site, where the developer wanted to establish a university for the mountainous state is surrounded by agrarian land and small settlements. The constraint of the small size of the site and irregular shape combined by our vision to plant a central core for future development of an eventual university town around the development led to the development of 90mX90m square centre in the design from which the various elements emanate into the surrounding landscape. The buildings are also made to terrace towards the surrounding landscape to break the scale of the dense development. A canopy that follows the form of the campus carries solar panels enough to suffice for at least 60% of the energy needs for the development. The central courtyard becomes the major activity space of the development and is flanked by academic blocks towards the south side and housing blocks towards the north east and the west, with activities like Canteen, Mess, cafeterias and Workshops opening onto the square on the ground floor.