ITC Multipurpose


2014, Kolkata, INdia, with SPA Design
ITC previously known as the Imperial tobacco company is one of the largest and biggest companies in India, its image synonymous with the city of Kolkata, hence when the client approached us for a proposal for a multi-use project in the satellite city of Rajarhat, we proposed for a gesture that would at once address the post-liberalisation fragmentation of the city and the ambition of the brand to remain associated with the identity of the city. The program consists of corporate offices for ITC limited, along with offices for the upcoming ITC Infotech, a five star hotel, a media centre, housing for the staff etc. The site lies at the end of major arterial road leading out from the city of Kolkata and hence we tried to evoke the metaphor of gateway entrance into the city through the project, each of the five programs in this configuration of mixed use has both a vertical and a horizontal element. The vertical elements are so arranged such as to give an appearance of a gateway into the city, while the horizontal elements form an elongated plinth on the site enclosing a linear garden and plaza which opens up to the city. A terrace is also proposed at the 6th level for leisure activities which bind the program together.