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Histories of Settlement Workshop, March 10-11, 2023 - ETH Zurich

I will be presenting my work on the politics of emplacement and wasteland in Agro Pontino as part of the histories of settlement workshop organised by Dr. Hollyamber Kennedy and Prof. Anooradha Siddiqui at ETH Zurich in March.

Other seminar participants include:

Rafico Ruiz

Manuel Shvartzberg Carrió

S.E. Eisterer

Debjani Bhattacharya

Concept Histories of Settlement

How are settlement and migration enacted in relation to one another? What fictions live inside ‘settled’ histories? By exploring the relation between land and architecture, this workshop examines how displacement and migration shaped settlement in modernity’s constructed environments in the colonized world. Through towns and camps, peripheral outposts and interstitial urban spaces, temporary occupations and fortified grounds, territorial partitions and border walls, we follow counter-hegemonic historiographic practices to study the conversion of Earth’s contested oceans, deserts, and forests into architectures, infrastructures, and territories, and the homes of people and animals into borderlands, frontiers, and wastelands. In these forms and narratives, we find concept histories of settlement.


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