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The Hall of Nations folly: A postcard from the future

Dear Friends from the Past,

I am writing back to you a year after the demolition of the Hall of Nations. I have been made to use the commemorative stamps that were released in conjunction with the demolition, that as you will note do acknowledge the folly that the demolition of Hall of Nations was. A soulless glass and cement building has now taken over the complex with a soul purpose of serving as a convention facility. Most visitors coming for the conferences and exhibitions here are appalled by the fact that a modern heritage of the scale of Hall of Nations was made to make way for a building of this nature. Realising the irreversible loss to the image of the city, civil society groups have finally taken to the streets holding placards and shouting slogans like 'We want the hall back'. A replica of the building has also been specially constructed on the Jantar Mantar road as a memorial to the lost building. Meanwhile a plan was yesterday found floating across the internet and being circulated widely across the social media, showcasing how ITPO could have constructed convention facilities in the complex while still retaining the heritage building. Friends from the past please help us identify the author of the plan, I am enclosing a image below.

Hall of Nations could have been conserved

Consequently, the demolition has become a running joke among news commentators. Realising its folly and in view of averting further such disasters, the government has introduced mandatory classes on adaptive reuse and modern conservation for civil administrators. A decision coming too late for us but I hope friends from the past you can learn from our experiences and do something about it. I am almost running out of the word limit that the social media app 'Time Portal' allows me. I am leaving some photographs although that can convey my nostalgia more than words would.


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