2014, Delhi Metropolitan Area, India

This project emerged out of a field trip I carried out in February 2016, for a analysing the Extended urbanisation around Delhi, especially how daily circular migration is shaping this. For this purpose I took a local DEMU train from the centre of Delhi to Rewari some 80kms away from Delhi. In addition to the photographs that I took to document the rapidly changing landscape. I also engaged in interviewing passengers on the train, about the purpose of their travel, destination, socio-economic profile etc. Some of my observations were-

In addition to people commuting from work, the circular migrants are also comprised of people coming to the city to seek services such as medical facilities, education etc. I was surprised to see many students on the train who travel upto 80kms everyday to study in schools in Delhi. The reasons for this are mixed however, with some coming to access better standards of education while some coming purely for attaining domicile status in Delhi.

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